Chris MacDonald - 09.09.2010 13:07:11


My family and I want to thank you all for the support. It means a lot and we are forever grateful. Stay Strong!



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Chris MacDonald - 29.06.2010 22:00:00


“It has been a beautiful life. I expect death to be something nearly as beautiful. I have no fears of death, only curiousity. I am very ok with this process, or I am in a shit load of denial”. Cal MacDonald 2 days before death.


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Chris MacDonald - 25.06.2010 22:00:00


We always knew we where going to loose the war, and that we where looking to win battles, and we never expected to be able to pull the time line out as long as we have. We feel so blessed that Cal has defied the odds as long as he has. Unfortunately we now enter the final phase of Cals battle. Fallowing 10 months of total remission, Cal had two relatively small tumors show up in his abdominal cavity. His liver and other areas where the original phase 4 esophageal cancer was, where still clear, so he jumped back on the original chemotherapy that he was taken off when he went into surprise remission in July last year. After 3 rounds, a scan showed that the two tumors where unchanged, indicating that the cancer either was a totally new critter, or metastasis cell clusters from his original cancer that had developed resistance to the chemotherapy.


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Chris MacDonald - 20.05.2010 06:38:41


Recently a new scientific article was published questioning the relation between diet and cancer. Here you can read a short summary of the study´s results. The study was a cohort which included 478.478 men and women aged 25-70 years from Europe. The study started in January 1992 where the researchers took baseline measurements e.g. questionnaires on diet. The participants had to memorize and register their food intake during the past 12 months. 8 % of the participants answered another questionnaire registering the last 24 hours diet by recall. In December 2000 the researchers repeated all the measurements.


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Calvin MacDonald - 19.05.2010 12:30:02


We have received our news. The scan result gave us some positive and not so surprising negative news. On the positive note, nothing has changed especially with the main tumor, liver and vital organs. These key areas are still quiet and all other vital organs show no evidence of any disease. The two new spots requiring the chemo apparently didn’t change much. This leads us to believe that the old chemo drugs may have lost some of their effectiveness. So after six weeks on the old chemo we have decided to try a new chemo cocktail for eight weeks which begin on May 12th.


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Calvin MacDonald - 10.05.2010 09:13:03


It has been a real mixed bag these past few weeks. I have been feeling a little crummy and dealing with some sleep issues. This sleep issue is new battle this go around. It stems from an old shoulder injury which I initially had taken care of by building up the muscle tissue around the shoulder. The radiation itself destroys muscle and common side effects of radiation are muscle loss. So to be honest the shoulder has bothering me since radiation and I haven't had a decent nights sleep in a little over a month. The pain on a scale of 1 -10 the pain is actually only a 2 or 3, but when you are trying to sleep it is enough to keep you awake. The sleep aids and pain medications have only helped marginally. I have been sleeping in a recliner and have logged more sleep hours in the chair than in a bed. The recliner allows me to be somewhat upright which helps with the pain. So lets say I have a few hours in the day to think about things. Mostly it is not positive and frustration about not sleeping and worrying about how I am going to feel the next day. On those tough nights I listen to quiet music, books on tape and try to meditate. Even not sleeping I want to keep the positive vibes flowing as much as possible.


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Calvin MacDonald - 10.05.2010 09:11:18


Chris gave me a copy of this figure, which he took from David Shervien Shreibers book Anti-Cancer Lifestyle. The major point of the figure is that average mean survival times are just that an average. Half of the people live shorter than the average and half of the people live longer. This was an inspiration to me, especially considering that my average survival time was even a bit worse than the above figure. Chris explained to me that most survival curves have a long tail on them on the right side of the median. What this means is that some people defy the odds and pull the tail, the STRETCH the tail way out to the right, they become what we call “outliers”. I immediately decided with Chris that we would do everything in our power to become outliers. Thankfully with the help of Chris I had already changed my lifestyle 6 years ago to include daily exercise, had quit drinking and have never smoked, so I did not have to “stop” doing things that could put me on the wrong side of the median. However, I had to learn a lot about what I would have to do to increase my chances of being on the right side of the median, and I had a lot of changes to make in relation to food and I would have to fight a hard battle to maintain the motivation and drive to keep exercising during chemotherapy, and to find strategies to maintain a positive outlook, even though I had been told my life was to end sometime very soon.


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Chris MacDonald - 03.05.2010 05:44:04


Even before the program was shown I received an email on my website from a person who had seen a trailer for the program. I of course will keep the person totally anonymous, but feel that it is a relevant question and comment from the person, and also feel my response is relevant, so I have decided to bring it here in our blog, so that others that might have the same question or feeling, can see my perspective on this subject.


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Calvin MacDonald - 28.04.2010 04:56:16


I had the opportunity to watch myself on this documentary and I was taken back to the overwhelming emotions of just how devastating the original diagnosis was to my family and myself. First things first...if you are one of those who have joined the “cancer club” try to get past the useless anger and denial as soon as possible and get to ACCEPTANCE so you can effectively and aggressively fight like HELL.


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