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F**k Cancer - The fight against cancer

Welcome to the F**k Cancer website where you can find additional information and inspiration in regard to the documentary "Cancer Knockout". A story about fighting cancer in every possible way.

In the end of the documentary, “Cancer Knockout”, I close by making the point that the results my father has obtained has nothing to do with miracles, magic molecules in broccoli, but rather they are the result of an ordinary man working together with others to create extra ordinary results. It is important for Cal and I that people realize there are no miracles in what he has done and continues to do today. Rather his results are the direct result of great teamwork and efforts to strengthen the human organism and spirit combined with a great medical team, to create great results.

We have had a great team of medical advisors and in my opinion some of the best oncologist on the planet involved in Cal’s battle and they deserve as much credit as anyone in Cal’s results thus far. However as they put it themselves in the documentary, Cal’s results are remarkable and very unusual, and when these type of results show up, they look to the patient. What has this patient done differently? And in their words, “Cal´s attitude, exercise program, and nutrition have set him apart”. In this regard we have also had the pleasure to speak with and learn from some of the very best in the areas of enhancing the body´s own ability to fight, these experts have enhanced our ability dramatically to use positive attitude, exercise, nutrition and quality rest to enhance the fight (the small 4).

It is so important for Cal and me to make it very clear that it is totally unrealistic and unreasonable to try to battle cancer without the very best conventional medicine and treatment (surgery, chemo, and/or radiation, the BIG 3). There are also exciting advances being made in immunotherapy and molecular genetics, which Cal will likely never benefit from, but future patients will. We salute the medical professionals that are fighting this frustrating disease on a daily basis. People who have dedicated their lives to the fight against cancers. You are all heroes, from the doctors, to the nurses, to the researchers, to the personal that make hospitals work. Without you all, this battle would be nothing short of totally hopeless.

With that said we also feel it is very unrealistic and unreasonable to underestimate the fact that we can strengthen our own body’s defenses to fight and protect against the development of cancer. Here is where the right mental attitude, exercise, nutrition and quality rest really can play a role. My guess is that they all play a meaningful role and can have a synergistic effect on strengthening the body’s ability to fight and prevent disease.

Taken as a whole there is strong scientific evidence that your body´s own natural defenses play a significant role in fighting any disease, so the more we can do personally to enhance the strength and condition of the body and mind, the better. Is it exercise, is it sleep, is it meditation, is it good healthy foods; is it a combination of them that help the body fight? Nobody knows and likely nobody will ever know, but there is no question they all play a role, and that nature and its processes have a fantasy unparalleled by the human fantasy and imagination. So we need to leave the door open for interventions, which can enhance the body’s natural defenses to prevent and fight diseases.

This has been what Cal’s journey has been about. A story about starting ones journey with an illness from a good place; Cal was in the best physical and mental state of his life when he received the terrible news that he in all likelihood had months to live. Having made good decisions before, “the shit hit the fan” has helped Cal be in a good place to start his battle, and to be able to handle the all important chemotherapy treatment. It is also a story of a man doing all he can to keep doing the things that strengthen the body and mind, and to seek out information and inspiration to enhance this process. Cal and his medical and his support team in the areas of mental toughness, exercise, nutrition and quality rest have done everything they could to enhance his body´s ability to fight and survive against the odds as long as possible.

Cal and I hope his story can provide extra hope. We hope the project F**k Cancer and other projects that are already doing great work and future projects will enhance this hope and empower people to mobilize their bodies and minds to fight this nasty disease. Like I told my Dad in the beginning of this journey, “I do not want to give you false hope my friend, but I do not want to give you false hopelessness either. There is a lot we can do to fight this disease, and fight we will!” We are committed to keep posting information and inspiration on this site and to a larger project with Kræftens Bekæmpelse, so please keep an eye on the site, and for those of you fighting, please stay strong and keep the faith.


More fruit and veggies

1500 - 4000 new cancer diagnosis per year in Denmark, could be avoided by eating more fruits and vegetables.

(Source: Kræftens Bekæmpelse). 


Berries in your Smoothie

Eat berries - Especially cranberries and blueberries. Berries can be eaten all year around and can be used in a tasty Smoothie.

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